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BioNetwork Consulting

Samir El Bahay, owner of BioNetwork Consulting

Samir El Bahay, who was born in 1967, initially made an apprenticeship as a medical-technical laboratory assistant and after that he was working as a medical-technical assistant in a medical laboratory for some years.

In 1991 he switched to the sales force of the diagnostics industry and with that he laid the foundation for his sales career. In order to expand his qualifications he studied business studies alongside the job and finished his studies with a diploma. In 2000 Samir El Bahay began his new task as sales manager in an internationally operating life science company and since then his range of responsibilities also included turnover and staffing in Germany and Austria.

Samir El Bahay - owner of BioNetwork Consulting

In the early 1990ies he took up business relations with a number of consulting companies, initially as a candidate and later also as a client, representing his company.

He knows about the life science industry’s specific demands on good consulting services. Professional competence and comprehensive expertise are in demand today more than ever and are also required from the consultants. Most clients would even like it if consultancies themselves specialized in life sciences and showed a correspondingly strong affinity towards them.

However, in reality comparatively few providers equal this overall concept and one of the reasons for this fact is that the successful leadership of a specialized consultancy always requires very special expertise.

Based on this finding and on his personal qualification, Samir El Bahay decided in 2007 to put his complete job performance into consultancy and personnel acquisition and to establish a consultation network on the market which has competence in the line of business and also completely satisfies the high expectations of the life science industry. He founded BioNetwork Consulting.

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